Digitalize  Your Administration

Let us build your web / mobile app

  • We create ERP  and  Information Management Systems
  • Web and Mobile Phone Software Development
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Creation  of  Databases
  • E-commerce
  • AI Consulting and Digitalization

Learning Management System + E-commerce (Web)
ERP accounting/order/CRM  (Web)
Patient statistics (Web)
Spare Part Managment System  (IOS app  + web)
Digital Marketing + ERP accounting (IOS/Android + web)
Learning Management System (web + IOS/Android  apps)
PhD, Jan Erik Meidell, Senior Software Developer

Monthly payments

Monthly fixed fee instead of extensive payments at the start of a project

Customer satisfaction guarantee

Contract can be cancelled with one month delay


All included

Consulting, coding, server costs, modifcations and updates are included

Closeness to client

 Company  and operations are located in Switzerland


High level of data protection

Swiss data protection standards, swiss hosting

Full stack programmers

Front end, back end, databases, mobile apps, data analysis, fintech, dashboards

How big is  your app?
How complex is your project?
3 750 CHF
(or monthly 1 875 CHF)
Project start
3 months
6 months
9 months
12 months

Why so expensive?

Software is very complex, even if that's usually not visible by the end user. An app is comparable to a car. The rapid development of today's software is only possible because there's a lot of prefabricated components.

Extensive knowledge is required: What components exist and how do they interact? Which parts have to developed from scratch and how can security, realiability and performance be ensured? Software development is no mass production and demands not only a vast know-how but also a lot of commitment.

There's certainly a cheaper way...

Of course. The quality can be reduced; "invisible" features like security can be omitted. Also, different developers have different prices. However, there's usually a direct correlation between costs and quality.

Work with a developer that has the same values as you.

Good preparation and planning saves a lot of effort. Identify your exact needs and requirements!

How accurate is the cost calculator?

The cost calculator should only be used for an initial estimate.

Every project needs to be assessed individually.

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