We create customized software for web  and mobile
Lexigo will analyze your current setup and propose to implement efficient technologies (artificial intelligence, statistics, databases), systems (web and mobile phone apps) and procedural changes for your company's benefits.
PhD, Jan Erik Meidell, Senior Software Developer

Monthly payment instead of upfront lump sum

Monthly fixed fee instead of extensive payments at the start of a project

Customer satisfaction guarantee

Contract can be cancelled with one month delay


All included

Consulting, server costs, modifcations, expansions and updates are included for the lifetime of the contract

Closeness to client

All programmers and operations are located in Switzerland


High level of data protection

Swiss data protection standards, swiss hosting

Full stack programmers

Front end, back end, databases, mobile apps, data analysis, fintech, dashboards

Our Software

Good fit

It will have exactly the functions needed and nothing else.

You save time 

 One click and you'll have all you need.

Competitive advantage 

The application is faster, cleverer and more cost-effective.

Evolutionary software

You can change your website and software whenever you want, and for no extra cost.

Personal programmer

Think of us as your outsourced programmer. We are always ready to update and modify.

Standard Software

Unnecessary features


Off-the-shelf applications have many features you don't need and don't have many you need.

You lose time


By having to figure out ways to adapt an unflexible system to your exact business needs.

Rigid solution


You don't really know the solution before you use it, but then it's too late and you can't change.

Rigid software


Your software will never change and if it would, then the price is high.

Extra service = extra cost.


No personal contact, no interest in your business or your needs.

We work hand in hand with our clients to build custom, flexible, cost-effective web & mobile applications that best suit their needs. Our apps are built on strong frameworks to ensure security, sustainability, reliability and requirements matching.
We bring insights to your data through innovative interactive data visualizations and infographics that combine clarity and beautiful aesthetics. By using the best practices, we take your data to another level and transform it into knowledge.
From pencil to pixels, we design rapid wireframes, user flows, high fidelity mockups and build interactive prototypes. We believe in the importance of doing research and iteration to deliver the best experience for the user.
Hagabergs is an industrial producer of forklifts in Sweden needed an app for their clients to order spare parts and a CRM personalized to their sales process. We created a web based application optimized for screen and for mobile with an API (connection) to their existing ERM system.
SmartSeal SA
SmartSeal SA is a Swiss industrial startup. They needed a comprehensive ERP system with accounting for Swiss and international entities, a CRM adapted to their sales process, a sales and accounting analytics tool and production management. We created a web intranet page 100% adapted to their needs, which evolved as the company grew.
Winconference is an international conference organized with close to 30 events each year and with more than 23.000 members. They needed an evolving online conference management and registration system with payment and automatic invoicing and communications. Data and user analysis are at the hear of their sales planning, so the platform includes various tailor-made tools supporting marketing and sales. Finally, they wanted Lexigo to design their homepage.

Lexigo advises small and medium-sized companies on how to reduce admin and reporting by finding the optimal approach and then by creating custom-made financial and business software solutions. Unlike other software companies, we propose a flat fee over time with no lump sum to be paid in advance. This reduces the risks in the beginning for the client and allows for a proper follow-up.

Our flat fee packages include everything from the costs of maintaining a web server for your page, all the programming, costs of managing and maintaining your cloud storage, as well as all future changes to both your website and software, including visits, follow-ups and the training of new employees. 

Digital solutions must be flexible and not static. As a company changes, so must its software. Lexigo Sàrl creates and adapts web pages, business software, digital marketing and consulting services and alters these optimally to the clients changing work process over time which allows for an optimal adoption.

Lexigo proposes a reasonable and fixed monthly fee including all foreseen and not foreseen consultations, changes, additions and modifications to our products. This allows our clients' predictable costs products which always are optimized.

Every client gets a designated programmer who over time understands their business model and needs. Lexigo outsources programmers, thereby allowing clients - who for various reasons do not wish to engage their own personnel – at first and over time to profit from the full range of our knowledge; business software, web pages and digital marketing.
Lexigo Sàrl, Place de la Gare 12, CH-1003 Lausanne, Switzerland, +41 79 776 32 62, info@lexigo.ch